To ensure the safety of all patrons and guests, the Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall has created the following code of conduct and policy guidelines. Please review and follow the rules and policies below as failure to abide by them may result in expulsion from the venue without refund.

If you have any questions, please contact the box office at 239-481-4849.

Accessibility Policy

The Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall is proud of the ADA-compliant accommodations that it offers. These accommodations include:

  • Assistive Listening Devices and Child Booster Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Devices are available at the Usher Station in the Lobby under the Grand Staircase. There is no charge to rent devices, but a valid form of ID is required.
  • Sign Interpretation is available for Saturday 2 PM performances of the Broadway Series and upon request for other presentations. For details, please call the Box Office at 239-481-4849
  • There are two elevators located in the Lobby, one on the east side, the other located on the west side, and provides access to the Mezzanine Balconies.
  • Wheelchair seating is available across the venue. Please call the box office for assistance with selecting the right seat.
  • For the convenience of patrons, an ATM is available in the Lobby adjacent to the west concession.

Arrival Policy

For certain events, arriving late may result in guests being asked to wait in the lobby until a designated break period. TVs are provided in the lobby to allow viewing of the event during these hold periods. To avoid frustration, The Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall recommends that you arrive no later than 45 minutes before a ticketed event to make sure you have plenty of time to find parking and get to your seat. 

Also, guests will be asked to go through security checkpoints that include passing through metal detectors. So please allow extra time for security.

Bag Policy

Bags are subject to inspection by event security staff. Before entering the hall, all guests will have to pass through a security checkpoint that includes a metal detector. Bags should not be larger than 12 x 12 x 6 inches as larger bags will not be allowed. Laptops, briefcases, and suitcases are not allowed in the venue.

Camera Policy

Flash photography, video or audio recording devices, and professional cameras with detachable lenses are strictly prohibited for all performances. Unauthorized use of electronic devices will result in confiscation. Cameras are only allowed if both the venue and the artist provides public authorization and will be noted in the program guide or description.

Cancellation Policy

The Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall keeps the show going despite exterior weather. In the case of a cancellation due to artist cancellation, the venue will make announcements as soon as possible. If your ticketed event is canceled, please call 239-481-4849 to ask about rescheduling or ticket refund procedures and policies.

Children Policy

Children under the age of six are not permitted to attend performances unless a show or event is designated as a family show. During family-friendly events, children under one year of age do not require a ticket but are required to sit on the laps of their accompanying adult parent or guardian. Children aged one year or older will require their tickets. 

Please refer to event descriptions for details about these events.

Clothing Policy

There is no formal dress code, but the venue recommends smart casual clothing.

Food Policy

The Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall offers food and beverages at concession stands before the show’s beginning and during intermission. These are the only food items allowed into the theatre. Outside food and drinks are never allowed.

Lost and Found Policy

Lost an item at an event? You can ask event staff for help with finding the lost and found service. You can also call 239-489-3033 Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. after the performance. Please be prepared to leave your full name, contact information, and a detailed description of your lost item.

The Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall does not claim responsibility for your lost possessions.

Prohibited Items

The Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall restricts certain items to keep guests and event staff safe. Please refer to the list below for details. All bags and guests are subject to visual inspections and any prohibited items may be disposed of or returned to guest vehicles. To avoid frustration, please refer to the list below.

  • Alcoholic or other Beverages unless purchased from the bar
  • Artificial Noise Makers 
  • Audio or Video Recording equipment 
  • Cameras (camera policies vary on an event by event basis) 
  • Bags (larger than 12 x 12 x 6) 
  • Cans, Glass or Metal containers 
  • Fireworks or any Explosive 
  • Food and Beverage not purchased from the bar
  • Illegal Drugs 
  • Knives of any size 
  • Laser Pointers 
  • Masks 
  • Phones and pagers must be shut off during performances
  • Promotional items with commercial identification 
  • Tape Recorders 
  • Large golf or non-telescopic umbrellas 
  • Weapons of any description, including firearms
  • Signs, banners, flags or any other items that would either obstruct the view of a patron or serve as a dangerous projectile or security risk. 
  • Other items that in the judgment of The Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall management pose a safety risk or diminish the enjoyment of an event by other patrons. 

Refund/Return Policy

All sales are final. The venue does not offer refunds or returns.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed at the venue. Please contact the event staff to be guided to exterior smoking areas.