Tootsie – The Musical at Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall

Tootsie - The Musical Tickets

Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall | Fort Myers, Florida

On Sunday 9th April 2023, at Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall, a live performance of the production Tootsie will be held. If you end up losing it laughing at this show, it's okay; everyone does and even when you've recovered from your jolt of laughter, expect to roll over again as there's a lot more to come! It's really that exceptional. The show's visuals and costumes will be unlike anything you've witnessed before and of course, Tootsie has a grand score that really brings the show to life. This performance is truly remarkable, and it would be impossible to exaggerate how impressive it is. A seat for this one is very hard to get as there are only so many to go around. Thankfully, it's super simple to get one right here, so don't delay, purchase yours today.

Tootsie - The Musical at Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall

Michael Dorsey is known for being a stressful actor to work with due to his extroverted public persona and bratty attitude. After failing at auditions, Michael, who is turning forty, has arrived at the end of his rope. It doesn't help that his closest friend and roommate, Jeff, brings up the aspirational "to-do list" he made to accomplish before he turned forty.

He's regained his wind and wants to give it one more shot at making it big in the entertainment business. He plans on attending an upcoming audition while pretending to be an actress by the name of Dorothy Michaels. Dorothy's star is on the rise now that she has landed the leading role in the upcoming Broadway musical "Juliet's Nurse." As soon as Dorothy begins belting out the chorus of "I Won't Let You Down," the audience becomes enthralled. Michael's worldview is completely altered: "Women listen to each other." As the play progresses, Dorothy (Michael) begins to feel something for his on-stage co-star, Julie. Michael now faces his toughest acting challenge to date. Can he maintain the ruse, or will he have to become himself at some point?

Find out how the plot unfolds at Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall on Sunday 9th April 2023, but don't delay in purchasing your tickets because this is a once-in-a-lifetime production that will sell out like hotcakes.

Tootsie - The Musical at Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall

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